500+ icons gratuite pentru designeri

Every design needs icons at some level. So, this week the Sunday Design Resource will present free icon resources.

1. 90 Free Vector Icon Sets, all in one EPS file. You can download the file directly from here.

90 free vector icon sets

2. Vista Ultimate IconPackager Vs. 1

Vista Ultimate IconPackager Vs. 1

3. Vista Ultimate IconPackager Vs. 2

Vista Ultimate IconPackager Vs. 2

4. StudioMX MacOS style computer icons – PC, Mac and iPod devices icons.

StudioMX MacOS style computer icons

5. iTweak’s deviantART icon gallery – gallery of iPod, Skype, folder, photo icons and more.

iTweak's deviantART icon gallery
iTweak's deviantART icon gallery

6. Apple various icons pack

Apple various icons pack

7. Email Me Icons by Mayosoft

Email Me Icons by Mayosoft

8. Rounder icons – round application icons (Photoshop, Firefox etc.)

Round icons

9. Aestetica Icon Set – 47 high quality web icons in 32-bit transparency in PNG and Photoshop’s PSD. They come in 16 x 16px; 24 x 24px; 32 x 32px; 48 x 48px and 128 x 128px size.

Aestetica Icon set

10. Inspiration Orb

Inspiration org icon set

11. IconBase Community – collection of the best icons on the web.

IconBase Icon pack
IconBase icon pack

12. Project Folder pack – superb folder icons.

Project Folder pack

13. IconsPedia – PNG icons and Icon packs.

IconsPedia icons

14. Web 2.0 Vector icon pack 1 and Web 2.0 Vector icon pack 2

Web 2.0 vector icon pack 1
Web 2.0 vector icon pack 2

14. Social networking icons

Social Networking Icons

15. Free RSS icons

Free RSS icons

16. Web site icons – Collection of free Web 2.0 website and application icons

Free web 2.0 website icons
Free Web 2.0 website icons

17. Free icons Web – over 15,000 high quality Free Icons

Free icons web - over 15000 high quality free icons

18. 16x16px icons – over 1200 16x16px icons

Over 1200 16x16px icons

19. Web Design, Weblog & CMS, user and E-commerce icons

Web design, weblog & CMS, user and E-commerce Free icons

20. Vista Style Icons – collection of free Vista Style icon sets of over 2500 high quality icons in png and ico format

Vista style icons
Vista Style Icons

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